How To Walk In High Heels.

My heels are from Stradivarius.

Perhaps, this post for you it's pointless, but I think I'm not the only one who did google
how to walk in high heels when I was a begginer.
That is why I decided to share some of my tips to make you feel comfortable with them
and be able to walk in them as they were converse.
Oh, and I apologize for the bad looking bruise under my knee, I don't even know what I did to get it.

First of all, when you're going to buy your first pair, make sure to buy one 
that you feel comfortable with.
I'm not going to tell you to buy kitty heels, you can buy the pair you want.

Make sure to select the perfect size, because too loose ones can make you fall or they
will hurt your feet. And too tight ones can hurt you as well.
Heels are always going to be a little tight, but they will get your feet shape.

Do not take this too literal, alright?
By breaking them I mean to wear them a few times before to go out with them.
Walk and hop (watch out!) when you're in your house wearing them.
They might be fashion killers, but they're feet killers as well.

We've always been told: "Walk with one feet before your other". But
not really, you just need to walk however you feel fine with it.
Since you'll be wearing them first by your house, it doesn't really
matter how you look walking. I looked like Doctor House first,
but then I managed it to walk properly and learn all by myself! 

Better known as the most likely place to hurt yourself! But don't get scared, eh?
From feet to toe, always. 
You actually have two different ways to do this:
You can leave a bit of space between your legs and walk like your high heels
were any other kind of flat shoes. For me this works faster than having to
go down the stairs with one feet before the other, which is the other

And you can actually throw yourself rolling down, if you prefer the wild walking. 
Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan are quite keen on it! 

Sometimes you can't really avoid the fact that they're going to hurt, but what you
can do is carry compeed always with you. I find them really effective and they
last pretty long!

I hope this was helpful. By the way I also wanted to tell you
to not go on yahoo answers, don't do it with this one, it's a lose of time.

Just in case you were wondering, we all fell while wearing them at least once. xx


  1. Good advice! I would consider myself a heel pro as I wear high heels on most days but today as I was rushing down the stairs I almost twisted my ankle. One can never be careful enough...

    1. Thank you! I literally fell and went down the stairs a couple of months ago, I don't even know what I did. But luckily there was no harm for myself! xx

  2. I keep meaning to make a vlog tutorial on how to walk in heels. I actually learned how to walk in heels at the grocery store! Pushing a shopping trolley while wearing heels is the perfect way to 1: get the groceries and 2: work on balance!
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    1. I'd love to see that, actually. And congratulations!! Seriously, that is so brave to do! I am not sure if the first time I wore heels I would have got those groceries... But I know I would have ended up on the floor. Hehe!



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