Zara Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


I am quite impressed about how much I am loving Zara's new collection.
It is for the fact that spring can relates so much to all of these amazing designs.
In my opinion, all the pieces are really easy to style in a fashionable way
and extremely trendy!
Monochrome is a big part of this collection, but also the trending pastel colors
and lovely prints. I always liked the fact that this store knows how to stay
tuned and make always inside the trend pieces without looking overly excessive.
I feel like this gets along really well with the pastel trend.

One of my favorite designs, are their printed trousers. They got the boho-chic
look that you can wear anytime and look classy!
Also, bright jackets are a great idea to make your look pop and then combine it
with neutral and/or monochrome and it will look fabulous.

Zara always has great deals and I think this collection is possible for
anyone's budget.

By the way, all the pictures are linked to the items, so if you're interest
at something, just click on the photo and it will redirect you to Zara's website.

What's your favorite item of the collection? xx


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