Single Awareness Day| A Little Reflection.

Hey loves! How's everything going?
Today I decided to sit down and write a lifestyle post, since Valentine's day
is literally two days away. Or might I say Single Awareness Day? As you read on
the title (which is right on my face because eyeliner made me look like if I had a
crazy eye...) it's my every year celebration.
If you are not common with this term, or celebration, it's single people
do things by ourselves and celebrate that having no partner is also great!

It is quite ironic that I'm writing about this since I sob and eat on the 14th
because I have nobody to celebrate with, but I decided to leave that aside and 
celebrate my relationship status! And, actually, leaving the sobbing thing
for nighttime as I also find it satisfying since I can eat a bunch of crap without nobody
telling me anything, hehe.
This whole day made me thing a lot about how we crave for partners and love when
we should start loving ourselves 100 % first! Obviously, it's not easy as we always
seem to find something about ourselves that disappoints us, but it is ironic
that every single human does it and we never seem to relate to others.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that you are hella worth it and 
to not get upset as I used to do just because we don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
I hope you think about it, I will do it for sure!

By the way guys, i'll be uploading (probably) an outfit post on Friday. But I
thought it was fun for once to get out of the fashion posts routine and have a little
chat! (Well, i'm the one who's doing it here, but you can also argue with this
post while you read it, if you want to ;)

Have a lovely day! xx


  1. Nice photo. I'm really curious for your new outfit post.

  2. Yes, I totally agree with what you're saying. We should love ourselves first and not seek for external validation. I am alone as well today and I can't remember when I last celebrated Vday with someone special, other than myself ;)

    1. That's it! I hope you had a great one! xx



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