Band Of Outsiders SS14

I discovered the brand Band Of Outsiders not so long ago (shame on me) and
it didn't take way too long to fall in love with their simple but chic and modern

By showing you these pictures, you have basically seen the whole show. Minimalist
but wearable items, not that much of colour and pieces more on the long
side length.
What I first spotted by seeing this runway, was that they followed the basic
trends for the Spring/Summer 2014 but not the colours. 
They haven't used any kind of trending soft or blush pink, and they went
more to the mallow when it comes to soft colours.
Then they made pop up some bright yellows and electric blues, and for
the rest of the collection, all very white (excepting the socks).

They treated with mid skirts, flowy printed pants, a lot of
veil effects textures and manly shirtwaist dresses.

Excepting for some designs, all the collection was quite predictable. I find
it great for some basics and original cuts, but I wasn't really
surprised because everything was pretty look-a-like. 
I said before their designs were simple but modern, but I did
expect some more action from the brand.

What's your opinion of this collection? Did you knew this brand? xx

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  1. I have never heard of this brand. The designs look great but I would say mostly on tall women. I like the last dress (blue).

    1. I think their designs can be worn by anyone, but the cuts of this collection were more made for taller people, that's why you've got that sensation, but there are some pieces that defiantly everybody could pull out with any problem! xx

  2. I think it's all very wearable, I especially like the super long vests! I really want one of those, they'd look so awesome with a dress. Though I have to admit it wasn't THE most exciting line, haha but it's very casual chic :)

    xo marlen
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    1. I agree with that, these vests are very versatile and easy to pull out! xx

  3. I love the floatiness of the pretty dresses and surprised to see such girly pieces from BofO, lovely range

    1. I think the design of the dresses are very well fitting. They're floaty but not arriving to the point of baggy. And yes, I was also quite surprised to see girly patterns and designs of that style in general, but they did it a way that their minimalist point stayed right there. xx

  4. I always think Band Of Outsiders makes great easy clothing. That pencil skirt is a fantastic piece!!!

    1. Yes, that's right! And the skirt is amazing! :D xx

  5. Band of Outsiders is an amazing collection. A couple years ago they had Kirsten Dunst do the ad campaign and it was seriously awesome… if you can find some pics they are cool. Have you checked out 10 Crosby? I feel like it is a similar aesthetic but a little less expensive. Love the pictures above.

    1. Oh yeah, I think it was the SS09' Collection!
      I think 10 Crosby and Band Of Outsiders are a like, but with the difference that 10 Crosby goes for a less minimalist look. I really liked their Fall 2014 Collection, you should check it out! xx



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