Outfit| Ready To Go.

Denim Jacket| Primark
Top| Topshop
Jeans| H&M
Bag| It was a gift.
Sunglasses| Topshop
Shoes (not visible)| Topshop

Good afternoon everyone!
If you read my latest post, then I guess you already were expecting this post. But,
I wasn't able to upload this yesterday, or be noticeable on the online world because
since Wednesday's night, i've been suffering from quite strong headaches that have been
leaving me completely tired and with a miserable mood.
This morning, I woke up feeling better, so I really wanted to leave home and get
some fresh air by going outside.
This outfit isn't even the one I had planned to upload today, I was going
to post a more dressy one since I had plans, but obviously, I had to cancel them
because of my "illness". I don't even know if it's an illness, or i'm simply stressed as 
fuck. (Sorry for that)
I wanted to get ready as soon as possible so headaches won't hit me while I was out 
(but sadly, they did, so I had to get back home) that's why I decided to pull this casual
look out.
Today's weather was amazing; quite warm and sunny, so I went out
without any kind of other layer than this one.
By the way, i'll be chilling out the rest of the weekend since I'm still pretty tired
and in pain. Hopefully, i'll get out from this one soon!

Have a great evening! Or day or whatever whenever
you're reading this. xx




  1. aw i hope those migraines are gone :( but in happier news, i LOVE the star pattern on your denim jacket. it's such a cute detail

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. They remain at the moment, but hopefully they'll get away soon. By the way, thank you dear! That actually cheered me up! xx



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