Let's Go Coolhunting.

Do you feel like you lost inspiration? That you don't know anymore how to
make your outfits pop? What about the trends, don't you find any that you like?

I think it's time to go coolhunting.


Coolhunting it's the activity of discovering new trends. 
Coolhunters are really important on the fashion world, because discovering
new trends it isn't that easy.

So now, i'll be sharing a few tips so you guys can start doing it for yourself.


Go to the city. Go wherever you can find a big variety of different styles.


Wait, how can I exactly spot it if the trend hasn't born yet? Well,
actually, it did born if you've seen multiple people wearing it.
Ask different people with different styles about what clothing
items are popular between them.
Once you've heard different opinions, choose your favorite trend
and think about how you can add it to your wardrobe, which is
one completely different to those who've you talked to.

And when you figured it out, just pull it out often and make it popular
between those who surround you and even if you want to,
on social media.

Give a credit and a shoutout to those you've been inspired at, and
although it can seem easy, it's not. So be patient about trending and
first of all, start discovering for yourself!

Hope this helped! Happy Friday and weekend as well! xx


  1. Great! This really is a help :)

  2. I love doing this! Since I work as much as I do and don't always get to head out to a city, I do lots of coolhunting on Pinterest! I'm always able to find fabulous new ideas there!

    : signe : the daily savant :
    : blogspot
    : bloglovin
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    1. Pinterest and streestyle blogs are a great source to get inspiration from as well! :D xx



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