Haul| Topshop and Brandy Melville.

If you read my last post, then you were aware about my weekend plans. If 
you didn't read it, I guess by this picture i've said it all.
It quite surprised me to not go to Zara since Topshop, Zara and Brandy Melville
it's my fashion triangle and somehow like the shopping routine, haha.
I decided to go and grab some more fresh pieces for spring and came out with
some really lovely things! 

                                                                                  Pork Pie Hat
                                                                                                            High-Waisted Moto Shorts

                  I don't know about you, but I am a great fan of wearing hats. I think they are a great piece to have in your wardrobe since they can improve your look a LOT.
I have been wanting this hat for so long, but either was never on stock or it was like 50 euros
and err... I don't find that a reasonable price for a hat.

I went for this shorts because I thought it was a great item that you can wear the whole
time during any season. They have a lovely blue-bleached distressed colour that is
really easy to pair with anything.
They are quite short and you show your lower booty a bit, but it doesn't has to 
look trashy if you combine it nicely and balance the outfit. You have a chance
to do it if you choose right the upper part! 
They are really good fitting for any kind of body and somehow, they lift up
the booty! Yay for that!

I went a bit crazy when I was at Brandy Melville because there were so many
fabulous things, but I decided to control myself and choose a few.
Brandy has been growing it stock and items, and now they have a bigger abundance
of jeans, shorts and hats (yes, hats, not beanies.) but I always find myself
picking some of their skirts, dresses graphics, cropped tops and other kind of tanks 
because they are so versatile and you can literally style them with anything.
I don't really go with the whole Brandy kind of look since I don't wanna look
like a common white girl.
Anyway; I picked out these two graphics. The main reason, is basically
because these past months i've been buying their cozy sweaters and cardigans
but now that weather is really changing, as I said before, I went for
some spring items.
These past days, I ditched my coat and swap it for a light denim, because
it was truly hot out there. Completely sunny days with a little bit of
nice warm wind and everyday, afternoons are getting a tiny bit longer.

Then I found this amazing black skirt. It is a thick material, which surprised me
since Brandy skirts tend to be lighter (and shorter, haha). 
It's a low waist skirt and really good fitting. 
Aaaand this is all I got!

What was your favorite thing? And how was your Saturday?
Have a lovely day! xx


  1. Really love the tshirt with Bad Luck on it and the shorts! Super nice choices!

  2. Ηi ! I nominated you for the Liebster award which is for helping new blogger become more popular( I swear it's not a spam message)Please If you have time take a look .

  3. Love the hat and the shorts! I have never shopped at Brandy Melville; something to check out.

    1. Thank you dear! They have great stuff in there, some of their pieces can arrive to get a bit mainstream since they're so popular, but defiantly you need to check it out, you can find other great pieces! xx

  4. ooo la la what an awesome haul! i literally love every piece you got but my favorites are the hat and shorts. i can see wearing those shorts at a summer concert and i am alllll about hats. they totally finish off an outfit :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Thank you so much! That is actually true, paired with a cropped tee or a buttoned up with the shorts and the hat it would be a perfect outfit! xx

  5. AMAZING photos :) I hope you had a great weekend dear

    Check out my new post...Hot Scandinavian decor :)

    have a fab week

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'll make sure to check it out! :D xx



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