Outfit Crush| Jenn Im

I think you already must be aware of who this girl is, if not, go and check out her youtube channel.
I've been a fan of her style and outfits since quite a while now. I find all of her looks
a great inspiration source because of her trendy, but personal and original
style. Which is not something you can see everyday in the Fashion industry.
What I like about this look is how she keeps it simple and casual, but it also
looks a bit more dressy because of the necklace and boots as well.
And that beanie looks amazing with the outfit! It would
also be a great idea to pull out a fedora or any kind of hat. 

What do you think about this outfit? xx


  1. So cool and chic. I really love it: )
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  2. She looks very sleek and stylish, thanks for sharing her blog with us :) Also, i REALLY must get a black beanie. I feel like I have every color but that one- i need to get awn it!

    xo marlen
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    1. You're welcome! Last year, I was the same. I had a zillion beanies but not a single black one. Finally I got one a while ago haha! xx

    2. @Marlen- I can make you one!

  3. In other news… I really like the way this outfit looks on Jenn, but I don't think I could personally pull off the look so it is quite this chic! However, since my hair has grown back from the unfortunate pixie cut of 2011, I've found that I love adding beanies and berets to just about any outfit!
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  4. I must be so out of it, but I didn't know who she was and I am so glad you posted the link to her youtube videos… thanks!!!

    1. Ah you're very welcome! She makes amazing stuff! xx



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