Friday Chill.

This week has been like a rush out to me. Avoiding the exams parts, as I had
a few during these days, it has flown by. Although there are still a couple of days more
and the rest of this one to end up this week, I'm focusing more on
the school life and all that stuff.
With shocking and not that shocking news, I have lived this past days. Some of
them great, some of others not that much.
Right now I just want to relax and admire how beautiful the day is. Actually, 
Wednesday was a quite warm day for February and yesterday as well. And
today it seemed like we weren't going to see the sun, but it appeared late by the
My afternoon plans are reflected on these pictures; I'm going to eat while I read
my Porter, and for what i've read so far it's AMAZING, and simply chill. 
I love eating on my bed but my sheets are not really keen on it, and either my 
washing machine. (Oops!)

And basically, my weekend plan (since i've just got one) is going
shopping, which I'm really really excited for!

What are your plans? And how was your week? 

Happy Friday everyone! xx


  1. I also love eating in bed! One of my guilty pleasures but I try not to make it a habit.

    1. It's very peaceful and comfy, that's why I like it! And defiantly, it can get an habit because it's way too addictive haha. xx

  2. OMG I loved your blog so much! It is super stylish, it looks amazing! Would You like us to follow each other? Let me know on my blog! :)
    Much Love!!!

    1. Hehe thank you! It means a lot!
      I'll make sure to check your blog out and let you know! Thank you for leaving a comment, by the way! xx

  3. ok, now you have completely convinced me… I wasn't going to get the porter magazine but it does look amazing and you say it is amazing too! haha.

    1. Ohh yeah, i'm glad about it ;) I read the whole magazine and I can say it's pretty interesting and full of juicy posts! It also gives you some very good fashion advice, which is awesome! It was 9,99 euros for me, I don't know the price in dollars, but in my opinion, it was worth it, I really enjoyed it! xx



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