My Favorite 2014 Spring Trends.

Good afternoon everyone!
Spring is almost here and I'm pretty pumped about it.
I think that Spring fashion tends to be quite repetitive season after season,
but I found myself interested about the different trends 
this year and I picked my favorites to 
show you in this post!
Let's get started!

Isabel Marant

Year after year, pastels come out for Spring season and then
they slowly fade away until Fall, when they're completely gone.
We are so used to pastels we don't even consider them a very important trend,
but the fact is that the queen of pastels this year is Pink Blush!
As we can see, Burberry's pastel is more intense that Isabel Marant's one,
but it stills on the range of the colour.
I'm a dark colour person, so it is always a bit tricky for me to pull out
Pastels, but I already got some pieces of this gorgeous shade on my 
wardrobe that i'll be rocking really soon! 
What about you?


I am completely in love with this trend. It's very fun, original
and inspirational! You could easily pull out this during a casual
day, and maybe some piece during a night out to make your look
a little more cheeky!
There are different patterns to choose from. Color counts
as well, eh!

We can see printed bottoms quite often, but there's something about
these designs that make them totally lovely and springful. Two adjectives
that go perfect for each other!
I feel like every single printed bottom for the Spring Collections i've seen
so far are this kind of boho-chic or floral patterns, but I'm loving both
so much!
I  can already see an outfit for this trend!
 Printed cigarette pants with a silky blouse and a light blazer.

This is a more elegant version of our well known friend, the cropped top.
Although it's more classical, you can literally pull out a shift blouse on the casual side
or a dressier one, it's all opt to you! 
It does has a little more length and it's wider/baggy, but you can find
shorter shift blouses.


This season I'm loving the sporty-chic look. I've never been a fan
of the sport vibe at all, but since I feel like there's more of the chic
part rather than the sporty one, I think this great mix it is perfect for
those who are looking the key to be comfortable and be able to do anything
(or almost anything) but look trendy and classy as well!

What's your favorite trend for this upcoming Spring?
Have a lovely afternoon, by the way! xx


  1. I could not be happier about the "sporty" trend, although I am with you on this, I like it because it is chic now and not because of the sporty element. But, I have to say it is nice to be comfortable for a change and still be on trend.

    1. I've seen this trend already a few times and it seems very appropriate for mostly occasions and with a lot of comfort when it comes to picking out the outfits. Gotta love it! xx

  2. I'm reaaaally loving that sporty chic trend- it seems like it'd be a lot of fun to try and style. And it also seems so effortless- like you didn't try too hard to be fabulous. And I really like the shift blouses too- they're such a fun, boxy shape!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Yes, I think that the effortless chic look is actually one of the best things about the trend!
      I think shift blouses are my favorite trend of them all, actually :) xx

  3. great post! I love the new burberry collection X

  4. I know that it's a classic and perhaps predictable, but pastels are definitely my favourite Spring trend this year. I've never really invested in any before, so this year I really want to add some to my wardrobe!
    KJ xo

    1. In my opinion, they're really fun and easy to style! My personal tip is not overloading the outfits and pulling out little details such as a bag, your shoes, etc... xx

  5. Pop art and pastel are my favourite styles! Not so sure about sporty chic...

  6. That was super nice blog post! I loved it and I totally agree with you! By the way, thank you for your comment! Would like us to follow each other? I would love to! <3


    1. Thank you! And no worries!
      I'd actually really like to! xx



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