Outfit Crush| Blake Lively

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last Outfit Crush post, my apologies.
Today's outfit review is going to be this gorgeous look by Blake Lively.
When it comes to fashion styling, I always have high expectations coming from this
girl, and she never seems to disappoint me.
From a ton of wonderful outfits I like, I decided to pick out this one because
I think it perfectly suits spring time and the weather that's been going on lately.
I am in love with the colour combination, it is lovely and charming! 
Coming from a person who goes all black from head to toe daily, I wouldn't
mind at all to pull this out!

I am fan of how flowy the skirt looks, and it looks very soft as well. It's
is defiantly an aproppiate decision for the warmest Spring days. 
The top is cute, I'm not crazy for it, but it does matches very well the 
whole look.
And what can I say about those gorgeous heels? They're 

I can't really see the bag, but it seems like there's black and a little
bit of blue turquoise going on there. Perfect and balancing combination!

What do you think about Blake's outfit? Yay or nay?
Have a great afternoon! xx


  1. The outfit is pretty! I have never seen her as a style inspiration but why not? Not sure about the shoes though, I would have chosen something more neutral.

    1. I actually didn't think about neutral shoes, but it would be great as well! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't she? And she always pulls out her outfits so well!
      Thanks for the comment by the way :) x

  3. She always looks great. I am interested to see how she continues to style her looks. Does she have a stylist?

    1. She once said in an interview that she doesn't has a personal stylist excepting for the kind of Red Carpet events :) xx

  4. oh 110% yay!! i miss gossip girl so much for the fabulous outfits, but at least Blake gives me my fix. I love all the colors in this look especially, they're so playful :)

    xo marlen
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    1. I miss GG as well, and of course their amazing styling haha! xx

  5. She is always super chic! I like that she is able to look super bohemian and yet, totally well-put-together at the same time!
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