Life Recap| Throwback #2

If you have read my last and first life recap post, (you can check it out here) you might
already know that it was a picture post, but I decided to sit down and chat a little
bit about life instead of just posting pictures.
So... yes, i'm just going to go straight and talk about my latest news and stuff:

I can't really complain about these couple of past weeks, they haven't been intense
at all in school, I had some pretty chilled days.
After the storm comes the calm. And after the finals the peace had to come as well!
I am actually very excited about Spring and looking forward for the good weather
as crazy! These past days we had high temperatures and sunny mornings and 
afternoons as well, and I can't express how good it feels to take a walk
under the lovely rays of sun and the bees buzzing around. Okay
it's not nice having bees around, I'd rather have kids messing around.
You guys know that this season kind of raises the "blood temperature"
but that it's just how people call it to express the insanely hormones
going out there, isn't it?
At least is how I've been feeling lately, haha!
However, it seems like this past days have been quite bitter sweet for
one of my old friendships and that just brought all the bullshit now. 
A part from that, the rest has been quite good.
Now that weekend is here, my plans are going shopping and looking forward
to the solving to an issue going on, which can really change my actual status.
Holy, I'm so nervous! 

I don't feel to comfortable getting to many personal issues, but
I can say I've been living happily in peace (more or less) and hopefully you have been as well!

I hope that Spring gives you many many positive experiences, loves!
And have a great weekend by the way! 


  1. Good to know that you have been living a peaceful life. It's just very important for our well-being and we often underestimate the importance of it. I love Arctic Monkeys by the way!

    1. Thank you! And yes, I agree, it is very importance to appreciate this kind of moments.
      By the way, Arctic Monkeys are awesome!! Aren't they? x

  2. Isn't it amazing how a new season can bring an entirely new outlook on life, all we need is a little sunshine. Great post! Hope the peace continues.

    1. Yes, it defiantly is! Spring always seems to bring to the majority of us a positive feeling. And thank you! xx



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