It's Wardrobe Clean Out Time!

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I personally find spring, along autumn, a hard season to make a closet clean out.
Will it be warm? Will it be cold? Who the hell knows what's the weather doing?
So that's why I decided to share my little tips with you so if you're kind of lost or
don't know where to start by, this could be helpful!

This is the key word for your Spring time wardrobe. It's really important to keep
in mind that spring weather can be irregular sometimes, that's why you want to have 
different types of pieces in your closet.
Thin sweaters, jeans, flowy blouses and cardigans are a must for me.

Just because the colours trending this season are pastels, that doesn't
mean you're not allowed to have other shades in your wardrobe.
Put a little colour but don't get 100 % rid of those darker items
you love so much.

Ditch your scarfs, you should do that for sure. Well, excepting
if you're living in a cold as hell place, then don't. But when is it okay
to wear beanies and this kind of stuff we have been wearing these past months?
Hats are completely in so you can use them whenever you want, but
my recommendation for beanies is using them when it isn't that warm.
You don't want to be melting all the way, do you?

I always keep a pair of booties just in case. The "just in case" thing
really works in Spring, trust me.
Sandals and wedges are okay, but I tend to use them more at the ends
of April so I can wait a little until the temperatures rise up a little bit more.
Jellies, oxfords, all these kind of shoes that aren't way too revealing
but that they're not going to feel that you're walking on hell's floor.

I hope these little tips helped you!
What's your less favorite part of cleaning your wardrobe?

Happy weekend by the way! xx


  1. I was just thinking about the same thing! How am I supposed to get to spring cleaning when I have no idea what the weather is going to be like. I am going to use your tips and try to get through my closet sometime in the next week or two. Thanks for the tips!!!

    1. I know, right! Spring weather can be annoying sometimes!
      And I'm so glad this helped! xx

  2. great post! i really need to get cracking on my wardrobe clean out haha!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

    1. Thank you! Ah good luck with that! xx

  3. I love cleaning my wardrobe and make room for new stuff ;) Very good advice. In my case, I will keep scarves at hand. The weather can be really unpredictable where I live.

    1. I'm not very keen, but when I have to do it, it's all about it.
      And thank you, i'm glad it helped! xx



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