Haul| Spring Beauty Products.

NYC Primer in 684
NYC Liquid Lipshine Gloss in 575 Brighton Beach Peach
NYC Kiss Gloss in 535 Jay Walkin' Jam
NYC Big Bold Bronzer in 601 Manha Tan
L'Oréal Paris nail varnish in 602 Perle De Jade
L'Oréal Paris nail varnish in 112 Marrakech Sand
L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black

A few days ago I went to buy some make up goodies because I felt
like I already had spring on my wardrobe, but not on my make up. It is a
bit of a cheap excuse now that I think about it twice haha.
However, I ended up getting some lovely products. Just keep scrolling for more! 

I started by looking at the NYC stand at my drugstore. If you haven't heard about this brand
before, it is a ridiculous cheap make up brand. As it is pretty cheap, people tends to avoid it
since they think it is shit, but actually, they've got some really nice products!
I recommend you to avoid the foundations and powders however.
I re-purchased this gloss. I didn't had this colour before, but I did tried out the product.
It doesn't stays super long but it does it jobs and the colour remains for a few hours!
It has a lovely scent, by the way.

Keeping with NYC glosses, I decided to try out this one as it was extremely cheap and 
looked great. 
It is not as pigmented as it seems, which was actually something that made me happy since I
found it vividly pink. However, it left me a really nice shade with a bit of shimmer but
really flattering and unnoticeable for another person. 
It stayed on for a couple hours, but what can you expect for a product for 1,99 euros?
I recommend you to build it up whenever you can, and it would be fine.

I'm sure you have heard NYC's Sunny Bronzer. This one is the NYC Big bold bronzer.
I own already the sunny bronzer and I am very happy with it, but I like this one
as well! 
I find this brand bronzers to work pretty well for me.

The last product I got from NYC was this primer. I think this is their only one primer, but I
found a post about this on Allure magazine and it actually won an award, so thanks
to that very good review, I purchased it.
I have used it today and for what it seems it kept my make up fresh. Fresher than my
last one, which is great.
It's not a super mega great primer, but I found it pretty good since It didn't make my
skin appear oily (well, it is oily by it self, but didn't increase it) and it made my make up
obviously last longer.
It is shimmery and as it says on the bottle, you can apply it with any foundation because
it is moisturizing as well and it gives your skin a clean look.

I got a couple of nail polishes from L'Oréal which I personally think that they look gorgeous.
Haven't worn them yet so I can't really say anything about it. Hopefully they will last long
and have a lovely texture!

I absolutely love l'Oréal eyeliners. They're perfect! They're easy to apply,
remain long and are very pigmented.
I decided to pick out this one since thin line compliments my small eyes much better 
than a thicker one, so I got this super thin eyeliner.
However, if you're searching one for both uses, I love Blockbuster eyeliner and it
is very versatile.

Have you ever tried any of NYC products? 
Have a lovely afternoon! xx

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  1. I also love L'Oreal eyeliners! Nice purchases; enjoy them!

    1. I've tried it out this one today and it lasted so long! Yay!
      And thank you! xx

  2. Great products.
    I am a new follower.


    1. Thank you so much for joining me! xx

  3. I haven't tried NYC products… if you had to recommend just one for me to start with, what would you tell me to get? I want to go get some goodies now too! You have inspired me.

    1. I recommend you to get their "Sunny Bronzer". I love it, and the general reviews are positive about it! :D xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment, I love the colors of the nail polishes and the eyeliner seems to be great!


    1. No problem! And thank you. I already tried out Perle De Jade already and it looks lovely! xx



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