Fur Coat Trend.

(In order: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Jeremy Scott
and Emilio Pucci.)

We've been seeing a lot during the autumn season fur
coats, but don't worry, the trend is not over!
I personally love this trend because it's so versatile and sometimes 
risky, which I think that's why not many people fancies it. 
First of all, we have many types of furs to play and combine
with, so if you're looking for a cuter, day look, go for a pastel
coat, and if you're looking for a more formal one, i'll recommend you a brown-ish
one and you're good to go!

We can also appreciate that there are different lengths and cutouts according
to the designer, but somehow, we keep wearing the typical classic cut.
I prefer short or normal sized ones for my everyday look, and then long ones
when I am going out or when I want a cleaner look.

The point of this trend is giving you an elegant look with pretty
much every single piece you wear. (But please don't wear it with
leggins and similars, please, DON'T.)

Are you brave enough like for pulling out a pastel green fur coat? Or you feel
more comfortable with a regular one?

Happy Friday! xx

Pictures credit: vogue.com & glamour.com

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE a great fur coat, and it is so important in the city right now since it is freezing cold. Great photos!



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