Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

As you might know from my latest post, I've been searching for the perfect shoes but couldn't
find them, although yesterday I tried it back again, and finally
found them!
I also got some other goodies and such precious memories from this weekend. 
First of all, we arrived quite early to Zara, which was basically were I thought to go
shoes-hunting, and I must say that it was wonderful shopping there almost alone. 
My friend and I had a lovely and peaceful time there, and I finally found my shoes!

These are pretty much the minimalist heels, but they're actually like a re-edition because
these was on last's collection catalogue. 
I really liked them and for 19,99 I thought they were such an amazing deal!
I also localized a really amazing hat in there, but wasn't actually too sure about buying
it, so we left with my shoes. 
After hitting Mango and Starbucks, I still liked a lot the hat, so I knew
I had to get it. Yes or yes.
We went to take a walk to a big boulevard which is full of Zara's, so we decided
to walk in for getting my hat, but nothing, we couldn't find it. So we
decided to go to the previous Zara, but hey, I bought a tee at that one.
My friend was already quite dizzy about the fact that we were going up and down
many times, but at least she understood it. 

And I finally got the chance to get it! Woo!
By the way, here are the pictures of everything I bought this past week,
including the sales I promised you on the updates post. 





I hope you enjoyed the post! And have a great start
of the week, by the way! xx


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