2013 Top 10 Posts!

(Sorry for the plain, white, boring image.)
I don't know about you guys, but for me, 2013 happened so fast. Surprisingly fast.
I've decided to do a top 10 posts of the year, and review a little what they're about.

The following posts are based on the view, rates and comments.

This is from the "Fashion advice" project, which has been extremely
unactive, hahaha. 
This is my little guide to find your own style. It can be quite
difficult to find "the real one" since we're surrounded by many
things that might affect our way to dress (and other aspects, like
thinking too.)

Another failed project called "outfit crush" which I will start
doing it more often this upcoming year.
The post was based in Miranda's fantastic outfit.

Blogging about trends it's my favorite thing!
Back then, I gave my opinion about the trend and some
ways to wear it. 

Another post on trends!
This post, as you can read in the title goes about
wearing gray during the fall season.
It was kind of daring to post this because we're all
used to wear brown-ish tonalities and similar ones
during the pre-fall & autumn season, but it was
def. a nice discuss about this trend!

What's the post about? The post is about creating new outfits
with things you've got on your wardrobe. I think it's quite effective
and an easy way to have a variety of creations.

It was such a looong post to write, but i'm pretty satisfied with 
the results.
These are some of my winter essentials, and now the collection
grew up a little bit, but not too much.

You guys have no idea of how fun and therapeutic was writing this!
Since I started writing, I thought it was a very useful post and you
reacted pretty good to it, so i'm glad about it!
Winter just came, so, why don't you check it out? ;)

I've always thought tags weren't to irrelevant and they we're more
like a little fun to break the blogging schedule, but surprisingly,
this tag got popular.

We're almost in the first position! Yay!
The "fashion icons" post is about what they are to
me and the fact that they, strictly, don't need
to be any kind of celebrities.
But I must say that my number 1 fashion icon, is
Olivia Palermo.

In the number # 1 position, my first
(proper) post ever. And guess what?
Yes, it's a trend post.
I simply love this post, not only because
it was the first one and how the blog started, but also
because I felt relevant giving my opinion on the trend
and a few tips on how to wear it.

I'd like to say thanks to those who read my blog, or have ever checked
it out. You make it worth it! 

Have a lovely new year and enjoy the rest of the holidays!
Lots of love,



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