UPDATES| Sales Shopping, Searching for the perfect pair of shoes & new accounts.

Let's start by the picture update. It's now in XL, so my other pictures will be since now. (A bit
irrelevant, huh?)
So yesterday I went sales shopping hoping to find great deals, and I actually found amazing
ones. Literally amazing.
I feel like I bought really cool and perfect pieces for my wardrobe, so there will be a haul post
on it soon. 
I've been also looking lately for the perfect pair of shoes, which I have no idea what I'm
expecting them to be. Might be wedges? Might be heels? Might be flatforms? Who knows. The
only thing i'm sure about is that since my last shoe shopping trip (which was like almost 4 weeks ago,
and it was succesful.) I didn't find anything else. 
Luckily, i'll be going this Saturday shopping again, so maybe this time I can find the perfect pair
of shoes. I really hope so! 
By the way, I wanted to share with all of you that I created new accounts on social media
such as bloglovin' and also an account on the independent fashion bloggers platform which
I am really excited about!
If you might noticed before, the buttons up there with all my links don't work really good,
and I changed the links and HTML coding thousands of times, but they never seem to work!
 I'll leave you all my accounts below so you can check them out. 
Thanks for reading this! xx


  1. Hi, Juliet: Finding the right shoes or boots is like making a new friend. I know my shoes by the boxes they are in. It is so true that sometimes, you don't know what shoe will strike your fancy until you see it. I love your way of thinking. I see you are Polyvore. I am too but I have not had a chance to put together any sets within the past two weeks.




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