DIYSENCOUNTERS| Customize Your Jeans.

In advance, sorry for my suck-ish personal skills, taking
pictures by yourself it isn't that easy...
My jeans are black...

Hello everybody! Today i'm here with a DIY project and it's
extremely easy to do! I suck at doing crafts, so If for me it turned out pretty
well, i'm sure your pair of jeans will turn out amazing
Yes, that's the project about, customizing jeans.
I decided to grab a black skinny pair of jeans I had since a while ago now
and make them come, somehow, alive again because I haven't been using
them way too much.
I decided to rip them and also to make them look cooler by adding some studs,
so if you want a tutorial on how to do it. Just keep reading!


·A Pair Of Jeans
·Sewing tweezers
·A Pen/Permanent marker


First of all, i'll start by saying that I picked a pair of skinny jeans, but If you'd fancy more
a pair of boyfriend jeans or any other kind, you can also use them! 

1. Try on your skinny jeans and mark them wherever you want so you
can do the cuts. I picked to do them around the knee area.

2. Once you marked the zone, it's time to start cutting the jeans. You don't really
want to do clean, straight cuts as it won't look real. I recommend you to do
irregular relaxed cuts, without being afraid of destroying them. But don't go
crazy either cutting or they will look like a piece of shit straight out of the trash.
Also, I recommend you to not cut it right away your mark, leave some distance.
You can also break them more by pulling the cuts with your hands.

3. Now, with the sewing tweezes you need to fray the seams by pulling them out.
The cut doesn't looks that clean and it's also a cooler way to customize them!

This is basically everything with ripping them, but if you want to keep customizing, then 
read the steps down below:

4. Last thing you need to do is add some studs to wherever zone of the pants you want.
I decided to add some to both of the pockets.
You need to search for studs that have like a brochette thing so you can attach them
without any risk of falling.

To attach them, you just need to stick them in the wished zone and after that, seal
the brochettes.

As you can see this is an extremely easy DIY to do and it's really cheap!
I hope the instructions were helpful, and I apologize back again for the pictures
lighting, I made this yesterday's evening when it was all dark and light wasn't the best.

What do you think of this? xx


  1. Great diy! And I like your top!

    1. Thank you! My top is from Zara, by the way! xx

  2. Cute idea to make something fresh again.
    Behind the Mirror

  3. really great DIY!<3 following you now , please follow me back if you want:*) xoxo

    1. Thank you, dear! I'll make sure to check out your blog back! :D xx



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