25 Days Of Bliss❄ Day2| Winterlicious Tag

Since winter it's going to be here in a few days, I thought this would 
be a lovely tag to do! 
So let's do it!

1) Favorite winter nail polish?
It has to be a black nail polish. I 
have different black nail polishes, so
I don't really mind about the brand.

2) Favorite winter lip product?
Baby lips by Maybelline! In the color
"Pink Punch."

3) Most worn winter clothing piece?
It has to be my chunky wool white sweater.
It's so cozy and warm, and I love it!

4) Most worn winter accessory?
My most worn winter accessory
is my black beanie from Stradivarius.

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?
This is not really wintery but I love blackberry
candles that are being sell on my favorite house furniture
local store.

6) Favorite Winter Beverage?
Any americano or latte from Starbucks. Or any 
type of coffee. I just love coffee in general.
But if I go more to the festive side, i'll say
my hot chocolate with whipped cream and candy
beverage that I make.

7) All time Christmas/Winter Favorite movie?
Oh gosh! It's quite hard to decide!
I'll go for... Home Alone!

8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday Song?
All I want for christmas Is You! I like
the Glee version so much! 

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?
Christmas cupcakes.

10) What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year?
I bought really cute stockings and Santas for my bedroom door and
wardrobe's door as well. They're all from my favorite local furniture
store (again, haha.)

11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?
My favorite perfume, Escada.

12) What are your plans for Holidays this year?
As always, i'll have the most amazing time
with the most amazing people in my life: My family.

I don't tag anyone specifically, so if you want to do this, feel free to do it!
What are you doing this Christmas, guys? [:

Lots of love,

Picture credit: weheartit.com


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