Gift Guide for girls.

Is there any present that you haven't bought yet?
I decided to make a little list with different gifts for your girl friends. They're
all different prices and for every single budget!

Lush, The Body Shop, Yves Rocher, Bath & Body Works...
You can see you have so many different options!
You know her well so you can pick some of her favorite scents for
the lotions, bath bombs, candles, etc.

Sounds simple, but, a book or even a few ones are always welcome.
If your friend's someone who loves reading you don't need to complicate thinking
what you can get her as a gift. Only do it when you need to pick the book.
But if you feel like this idea isn't enough creative, sign the book with a dedication
to her. 
Cute, cute, cute!

Track if her favorite bands are coming to town or nearby ones.
It can be a bit pricey depending on the artist, but def. a great idea.

This is similar to the body lotions pack idea, but the difference is that
if you make it, you can add the gift your personal point.
They're easy to make and also unexpensive!

I'm not telling you to buy her a sofa, but there's some really cute bedroom
furniture out there that you could buy her as a present!

Probably, the most comfortable gift of this list. You have different cards and 
different prices, it's so easy as choosing the design and the money quantity.
Oh, and the store as well!
You can try with Victoria's Secret, Topshop, Zara, Sephora...

With this, I mean you can get her a specific thing. Like a CD,
a ring, clothes, etc.

It can be personalized jewelry or not, it's your choice. Think about
buying her a gold necklace or a silver bracelet. Whatever you like and 
it's best for your wallet!

The majority of us love nail polishes and doing our nails. It doesn't needs
to be a full manicure set, you can buy her some nail and hand care
products and nail varnishes of course.

Don't worry if you're not a crafty person! You can do it by yourself or go to 
a professional photo store and see the different options you have. 
Think about all the things you'd like to tell her: How wonderful she is
or how much you appreciate her friendship, for example.
You can also write some inside jokes or special things between you, girls.

Although you can find different perfumes for different prices, the most worthy
can be kind of pricey, but if you don't mind spending an x quantity of money because
you know it's gonna be worth it, then perfumes are a great choice.
Make sure to get a scent she likes!
You can ask her if she prefer floral scents better than the hard ones.

If you want to go to the personal side, then this is your present. 
You know your friend well, but you just simply don't know what to get
her because there are so many things she could be interested at.
The idea is to buy a cute box and then fill it with different little presents
(or they can be big!) you bought.
You can leave a Christmas card inside of the box, as well.

I hope this helped you! What's one thing you really want this Christmas?
Much love, 

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