Fashion Icons.

Hey everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't post in a while, but this week wasn't my best one, as I haven't been feeling really well and I was pretty busy.
Although I had 3 days of no school, I've been extremely busy with homework and others!
Anyway, I thought it was going to be a great idea to make a little post about fashion icons.
We are surrounded by designers and glamorous people! There's many people out there, in the fashion industry to admire, and that you probably (or at least, I do.) cherish their closets!

But, what about us? We are not celebrities, we are simply normal people. Can we also be fashion icons to other people? Of course yes.
I think, that there's nothing better someone complimenting me about my outfit, the effort I put in making them,  or simply something like: "Your jacket is so cute, I love it!"
We should be able to inspire other people, not only with the way we dress, but also by the way we think and create things.

This post was just a little one to make you think, i'll keep this update more often, I promise!

By the way, my fashion icon is Olivia Palermo. She's the most stylist woman in this planet, for me. The way she dresses up everything and how she sees fashion amazes me!

Who's your fashion icon?




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