Winter Essentials.

Officially, winter's not here yet, but everything just got colder, we pulled out
our chunky coats and warm boots. And let me tell you that I love it!
I've been looking fordward for Winter (and Christmas, the most actually.) since
August. Crazy, right?

I picked some of my winter essentials and decided to share it with you, 
so let's go!



Alright, so i'm all about into cute warm jumpers for a casual
look during winter! 
This isn't complete because my
really chunky wool white jumper should be on this post, but it's in the washing machine.
Oh, and I decided not to feature my christmas jumpers, otherwise
it would be all about it.

Pinky jumper- Springfield
Blue jumper- H&M
Grey-ish black jumper- Local store

I'm pretty much a blazer person, but I have to admit
that cardigans are a must for winter.
These are my two favorites.
The first it's a plain one but it looks stunning with anything
you pair it with.
And the second one it's a christmas cardigan. I just 
couldn't resist.

Black cardigan- Zara
Christmas cardigan*


Boots are my favorite kind of shoes, so you can imagine how happy
 I am of wearing boots.
Yay for winter and boots!

Chunky warm boots- Diesel
Chelsea boots- Local store (but you can find
a pair extremely similar at Topshop)
Cowboy- booties- Local store
Laced up booties*


I wasn't extremely sure of how should I capture beanies, so I just did a 
general shoot.
Anyway, beanies and similar kind of hats are my eternal love.
These are my favorite ones! 

Dark red aka weird color- Stradivarius
Black one- Stradivarius
Camel brown beanie- Stradivarius
Dark blue beret type- Stradivarius
White one- Can't remember! :(

Note: Stradivarius always have amazing accessories so you should give them a chance. 

I guess scarfs are a must for everyone, not for the fashionable side
but for the warm one haha.
My mom is always stealing my scarfs and sadly, I can't find
my other favorites.

Blue scarf*
Light brown scarf- Stradivarius
Pale beige scarf*


I use moisturiser during fall and winter the most.
My skin gets really sensitive, so I need to take care of it.
I love this because it feels fresh, light (when it dries, because
before it's a bit thick) and it dries quickly!

Hydra-Adapt (combination to oily skin.)- Garnier

I obviously go for thick foundations during winter, because I want my skin
fully protected and I don't want any imperfections like breaks or patchy
craps. This is a CC cream, but it's tinted and hard like a foundation.

CC Cream- Max Factor

Lipsticks, lipgloss & lipbalms
Lipsticks and all this stuff are my favorite make up products. I think
they're pretty versatile and can totally change your look.
When it comes to fall, I tend to go for darker colors, and then on 
winter, I keep it but mixing with pinky and nude tones. 
They adapt better to my everyday winter make up.

01 Kate Moss Lipstick in Rosetto- Rimmel London
(Rouge Coco Shine) 57 Adventure- Chanel
(Rouge Pur Couture) 12 Corail Fauve- Yves Saint Laurent
005 Crush on you- Essence
Lipbalm- Pharmacy

I'm loving two pair of mascaras at the moment. Max Factor's False lash effect
(my always mascara) and Astor's Play it big.
As play it big can tends to smudge off a bit, what I do is first I start
with a coat of Max Factor's one, then I apply play it big
and at the end a few coats of the other one just to fix the previous one.
And it doesn't looks clumsy at all.

False Lash Effect (Gold-ish one)- Max Factor
Play It Big (Pink one)- Astor

I almost never wear eyeliner just in special ocassions or when I want
to change my look a bit.
I'm not the best at doing my top line so it can be a bit messy with
some eyeliners, but i'm loving this one.
I also need to make it as thin as possible because I don't want
my eye look smaller than what already is.
It didn't smudge off (at least on my eyes).

Super Liner blackbuster- L'Oréal

What are some of your favorite essentials? Comment them
down below, maybe? xx

PS: Sorry for the light, weather's been changing a lot this morning.
* means it has been gifted to me or someone gave me this product to try it out
and review it. In this case, it means that it's a gift.

Picture credits: (public website, so i'm allowed to download and use the pictures.)
Don't steal the rest please, they're my own pictures.


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