Collective Haul.

Although i'm dealing with the finals stress, a break is always good for your brain and also
to increase your energy when you're studying.
Yesterday, my dad and I decided to take a walk and grab a coffee.
And I ended up buying some stuff.
I was looking forward to get some dresses for the festive time, and it was 
a bit hard, I must admit, because or there wasn't my size, or it wasn't my style.
Also, on Friday, my mom and I decided to go to my all time favorite furniture-
home stuff-baking products (it's amazing, haha) local store
to get some Christmas items!

Sorry in advance for the crappy clothes pictures. 

First of all, I went to Zara and saw a gorgeous dress which I was actually
in love with already (I saw it on the website!).

It's actually a wine color dress. It's flowy and has a cut on the front,
and as you might also noticed, a gorgeous collar.

Then, I decided to go to H&M. I found out many dresses, but they we're
big to me or simply what I wasn't searching for.
But I found out a tube skirt that fitted me! Thanks God!

Wow, how crappy is this motherfucking picture hahahaha. Sorry. My camera
sucks and I'm not a fan of taking picture.
(Excuse my christmas stickers...)

At last but not least, I decided to go to Pull & Bear. I almost never
shop in there, but I found out a gorgeous dress-overall which i'm in love
I say dress-overall because it looks like a dress, but then I found
out that it wasn't. What a surprise!

Sorry again for the picture. 
Oh, I decided to also try out a bodycon dress, and let me
tell you, that it was a horrible experience.
I got my size and went to the dressing room.
It started fitting, but then I had to jump to get half of the dress
in my body, and let's not talk about how I had 
to get it off! Oh Gosh!

And now, these are the festive things I got on Friday:

Are you looking forward for Christmas? Do you already
have planned what you're going to wear?



Picture credits: Mine.
Zara dress: Click here.Pull & Bear overall: Click here.


  1. LOVE that Pull and Bear playsuit!
    KJ xo

    1. It's amazing! Probably my favorite tartan piece I own at the moment [: xx



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