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Picture: I'm not using this picture because I think the look
is ugly, no not at all. I just thought it would be a great one
for the post, and because the outfit, imo, is a bit overwhelming.

Hello there! I hope everyone's doing fine. Today's post gonna be about
fashion fails for this season.
Let's face that we all had our bad outfit days and playing with the wrong trends,
so here I am, trying to solve a few mistakes that can easily be committed.

Sometimes, it's quite hard to resist the Christmas spirit (for me it's impossible) and
it affects our dressing.
We need to watch out with christmassy clothes, otherwise we'll look like a tree.

My recommendation is to work on the details, and then wear your star piece. Like
a sweater, a cardigan, etc.

I'm the first who adores tartan, but watch out with it, because if you exceed 
with this trend you'll look like you're wearing the old ugly school uniforms.

My tip: One piece is the key for a wonderful outfit. A skirt if you want to wear it
more discreetly, a dress if you want all the attention.

Are you a fan of the cocoon coats? I think they are such an original piece
for this winter.
Although it's really easy to screw it up with these coats, if you search
until you find the perfect one it can be the perfect (warm, hehe) trend!

If you're going for the cocoon trend... This kind of outerwear aren't made to fit and 
they're supposed to look oversized on you, but if you find the most
fitting of them all (as much as possible) with classic colors and thin prints, it will
look amazing!

As you can see on the main picture the latex-leather is such a must for this 
time, but I don't think you don't really want to look like an uncomfortable
90's memory. (Yes, this was quite popular back then.)

The best is... as the Christmas and tartan trend, don't exceed
with this! You don't really want a full leather look unless it's a sexy dress
(also watch out with dresses.) 
Less is more, remember it.

Something not that usual we can see right now at the stores, but is also
a trend at the moment, is the Gipsy look.
I'm not a fan of the Gipsy look, and never been, but it can look pretty and bohemian
if you apply the rule for this trend. Simplicity is your best friend.
The key: Choose a little print and wear it on one piece. Then the rest of the outfit
it needs to be simply white or monochrome, it's optional to the print.
You will look beautiful without looking trashy!

Have you ever had a bad experience with a trend? Or a really
bad outfit day?

I hope you enjoyed the post! Also enjoy the rest of your day!



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  1. I agree with almost every bit of this, although I do tend to go all in with the christmas stuff. I just can't contain myself. Mostly around the house though haha xx

    1. Haha :D If I tell you the truth, I tend to exceed with the decorations, but no shame. And thanks for leaving a commment! xx



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