Day To Night: Leather Jacket

Hey guys! First of all, i'll start apologizing for the fact that I just have posted this
this week. I've been hella busy and sadly, these two upcoming weeks are
going to be pretty much the same, but I swear i'll post more often! 
I wanted to upload my "Winter Essentials" but my brother's on London at the moment,
and he asked me If he could grab my camera. I said yes, but today I found out
he forgot it. Crap.

Anyway, today's post is gonna be about Day To Night pieces transformation.
I picked the leather jacket because it's a really versatile outerwear, and now that
cold weather has seriously arrived, we should start thinking about getting warmer.

We all know tartan is the spot trend at the moment, so why not to go with it?
But just in case you don't want to highlight it so much, add a few accesories
as I did. 

I tend to use darker colors for the evening-night time, but I thought that although
the dress was white, giving it a bit monochrome look. Also, it's a bodycon dress,
so it defines your figure a bit better.

                                                             Leather jacket- Reiss Bryony
                                                             Both dresses are from Topshop

Day look:
Classic Tote- Mulberry
Chunky Necklace-
Platform ankle booties- H&M

Night look:
Clutch- Michael Kors
Rings- Louise Roe's line for
Heels- Giuseppe Zanotti

What do you think about this look? xx


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