The Tartan Trend

(In order: Céline, Calvin Klein, Dolce & 
Gabanna, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger)

This trend is always with us. Yes, it's true. In every single collection, when it comes to
coats, we can find different types of tartan.
Céline is a really good example as you can always find this pattern on their collections.
But this is extremely popular at the moment. We can find tartan in
every single piece out there. Especially flannels.
I didn't buy any this year as I already have from a while ago. And I can remember
good, this was also an autumn-winter trend around 3 years ago.

My recommendation, is going for skirts and coats, as shirts can get kind of typical.
You can mix this pattern with plain pieces and little jewelry (but discreet jewelry,

This trend is perfect for those who are searching the sofistication of the season, as it can come out
completely elegant.
And if you want a casual look, go for shirts and maybe even tartan jeans!

What do you think about the trend?




  1. I'm wearing a tartan skirt right now haha I love this trend :)
    KJ xo

    1. Tartan skirts are awesome! They look good on everyone [: xx

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