Shopping: Do's & Don'ts.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been active. I had planned to post more, but unexpected exams, unexpected essays to write, unexpected bullshit decided to knock at my door an screw my whole week.
I'll try to be online as much as possible!
I hope this post works for you, as it does for me. Here you have some shopping do's & don'ts!

·If you're going shopping, make sure you're wearing flat shoes (sneakers, ballerinas, blah blah...) if you're going to spend a couple of hours doing it. You'll thank me later ;).
·The same goes with the outfit, you need something comfortable. What I recommend you is wearing a dress that is easy to take off or also skirts/shorts.
·If you're more comfortable going alone than going with your friends or something similar, do not doubt at the time of going! What comes first? You!
·Think about what you're buying and what can you wear it with. Create outfits inside the store matching your favorite pieces of there. It would be easier when it comes to pairing with your regular clothes.

·As much as you like something, DO NOT buy it if it's not on your size, the color you wanted...  "It looks similar" to it or "I could fix this bagginess with a belt" and so the list goes on... These type of sentences are not your friends, okay?
·Don't start shopping before you saw everything or at least what kind of clothes are on each store.
·Never ever ever stress over a size that doesn't fits you. Sizes change in every single freaking store and they don't even sometimes follow the most basic rules, so don't get too obsessed over it.
·Never buy anything if you haven't gave a general look to that piece. What do I mean? Last month I went to Zara and bought a really cute shirt that I loved, and when I was home, I found out it had a big hole on the neck area! Thanks God I didn't take off the price tag.


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