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2 days ago, I should have uploaded my "September Faves", but
I didn't have time for it. Yesterday, when I finally found time,
my camera decided to work like a real bitch and now all my pics
are crap. 
I still wanted to upload a post, and a few days ago, I saw on Eleanor's
blog the "21 Questions Tag", and it kind of inspired me to do this.


1. I'm always stressing myself doing many things and never ask for help.
2. I love coffee. So much. 
3. My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks and i'm always there.
4. I'm currently on my third high school year.
5. I'm so clumsy when it comes to PE, I suck at Science & maths
 and the only subjects i'm good at are languages.
6. I hate flying & airplanes.
7. I'm always carry my iPod with me. Anywhere I go.
8. I dislike immature personalities (excepting if you're a kid.)
9. I love learning new words!
10. I'm weird and people say i'm really crazy.
11. I love making people laugh.

Feel free to tag yourself! 


Check out Eleanor's blog: http://popmypink.blogspot.com


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