Find your body shape!

Hey Hey! How's everyone doing? I thought it was a nice idea to create a post about different body shapes.
Have in your mind, that every single type of body is beautiful!

·Pear shape: The pear shaped body, is the most common. Your body is this way if your hips are wider than your bust.
What I recommend you to do, is accentuating the upper part so you can balance your figure. Catch the attention on your bust or around the zone.

Idea: Showing off your shoulders sounds like a good one!

·Strawberry Shape: Broad shoulders and slim hips? That's a strawberry shape!
You girls tend to have beautiful legs, and it's a great point to work. Give a bit of volume to the hips part, and cover up the part up there. You can do it with dark colors.

Idea: Peplum dresses are something that would look stunning on you!

·Square Shape: Those girls who are straight up and also down.  We should search for things that gives us curves, but sometimes it turns out wrong, and we don't look great with that.

Idea: Accentuate your favorite part of your body freely!

·Hourglass Shape: Curves up there, small waist and curves down there. Many girls envy this shape so if you're like this, be proud!
You decide if you'd like to accentuate up or down there, it's your choice now.

Idea: Wear bodycon dresses! Show those curves!

I hope this helped you!


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