How many times can you wear it?

We all have one favorite piece, or that one we wear the most on our wardrobe. If you are like me, and you don't fancy wearing the same every week, then you might get tired of that clothing item easily.
It can be a top, a pair of skinny jeans, or your favorite boots. Whatever.
What i'm trying to make you understand is that in this post i'll try to help you to create different outfits with your "star piece".

When we want to create new outfits, what we do is playing with our clothes and accessories, and this is exactly what were going to do today.
What I always thought was "as more shirts, more outfits." And in fact, for me it's true. I have 6 pairs of skinny jeans, a couple of shorts, and bunch of skirts, but I always end up using jeans and shorts for school.

How to create those different outfits with your main piece?
Take off the wardrobe what you're searching for and put it on a great place like a table or a bed where you can enough space for moving different items.
Now think about the number of outfits you want to create. 5? Okay, let's try 5.
Search for 5 different shirts/t-shirts/whatever you want and put them in a specific order you want.
Bam, there you go, 5 different outfits.
But is this really what we want? Be wearing a t-shirt and jeans everyday without any change on those creations?
I think not.
Now, let's make the real magic.
The secret for different, creative outfits are the accessories. I'm not only talking about necklaces and bangles,  were also going to use different bags, purses, shoes and other clothes like cardigans & similar jackets!
For each day I want you to select a few different accessories and add them to your outfit. (Never forget though, more is less, as sometimes we go crazy.)

I hope this helped you in anyway, i'd love to show my ideas but my camera isn't working! :( I'll try it next time.




  1. Such good ideas!

    I followed your blog! Maybe you could look at mine and we could follow each other?



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